AWS Professional Cloud Architect Print Book & eBook

The Best Study Guide to Prepare You for the AWS Certified Professional Architect Exam—and Your Career

This book will help you pass the exam and have the knowledge to win the technical interview and land a cloud architect job!  The book is written to be easy to understand while giving you deep technical knowledge of the AWS cloud.

Topics Covered in this book include:

  • The AWS Virtual Private Cloud
  • AWS Applications and Services
  • Building High Availability Architectures
  • Computing on the AWS Cloud
  • Cost Optimization
  • Database Design and Architectures
  • Network Performance Optimizations
  • Storage Options on the AWS Cloud 
  • Security on the Cloud
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“This book is detailed, comprehensive, and very easy to understand.” I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to become a certified architect or looking to increase their cloud computing knowledge."

-Dave Brewer

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