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Cloud Architects Are Highly Paid In-Demand Professionals

Yet many people have cloud computing certifications and can't find jobs. Why, because most cloud architect jobs require extensive knowledge and experience - something that is absent from most certification training programs.

Our Cloud Architect Experience Program focuses on helping you get real hands-on experience.

Our program is a 16-week program designed to transform your technical skills to make you a cloud computing career expert!

In this program you will learn all the technologies that make cloud computing possible.

The first stage of our program focuses on learning how the cloud works. Students will learn about, and then set up the following:

  • Server virtualization
  • Containers
  • Apache web servers
  • Relational databases
  • Firewalls
  • VPN Concentrators
  • Active Directory
  • NFS & Samba File Sharing
  • Building their own cloud from scratch!

After learning all about the cloud infrastructure, students will then begin getting real cloud architect experience.

Students will given video case studies as if they were speaking the customer. The students will then design the architecture based upon the requirements in the case study.

Finally, the students will take their architecture, and design it to work with the AWS cloud and another cloud provider of their choice.

We specialize in building cloud architects and giving them the skills for an amazing career!

Join our Cloud Architect Experience Program and build the career of your dreams!

According to Glassdoor the average salary of a could architect in the US is $153,318. Every day you aren't hired you are losing $589.68. Let us help you get hired faster and accelerate your career! 

We specialize in building cloud architects and giving them the skills for an amazing career!

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Why We Created This Program 

A Message From Our CEO:

25 years ago I was a nurse practitioner, practicing internal medicine and I fell in love with computers and technology.

Six months later I was working as a senior network engineer at one of the largest internet service providers in the world.

Right after that I became a Cisco Certified Internet Expert and a Cisco Certified Design Professional, and my architecture career was born.

Over the last 20 years I have been coaching technology professionals with career skills.

After interviewing hundreds of cloud architect job candidates, it became apparent that many were aware of the cloud solutions, but few know how to actually design an architecture to meet a clients requirements. Since this is a critical job skill, I created this program to help people start their cloud architect career.

So in this program students will learn all the technologies that enable cloud computing. Then the students will build a cloud computing environment on one of our servers. Then the students will get the chance to design and build their. architectures on multiple clouds.

By the end of this program students will be strong and capable cloud architects.

Our Cloud Architect Experience Program is based upon 25 years experience working in technology, mentoring others, coaching others and helping people get their first tech job!

Let our experience help you get the cloud architect job of your dreams!

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